Expertise increasing company value

Fondo Assietta Private Equity IV


  • Sector: Production of orientation systems
  • Turnover: € 13 mln
  • Year of investment: 2019
  • Status: Portfolio
  • Web site:

SARG, founded in 2001, operates in Bollate and specializes in the design and construction to order of systems for the selection and orientation of components in the field of industrial process automation.
The systems produced are able to manage capsules, caps, bottles, triggers, dispensers and mechanical components of different shapes and sizes that must be selected or oriented in a univocal, precise way and with speeds determined by automatic lines such as those for packaging, filling, bottling.
The rationale for the investment is based on further international growth of the business by leveraging the excellent technical and product development skills according to the specific needs of each application market.

Naturalia Tantum

  • Sector: Organic cosmetics and food supplements
  • Turnover: € 30 mln
  • Year of investment: 2017
  • Status: Portfolio
  • Web site:
Naturalia Tantum Spa is the holding company of the pole of companies active in the production and marketing of cosmetics and natural integration products that aggregates six companies, Sanecovit, Bioearth International, Effegilab, Di-Va, Toghethair and Natural Way Laboratories.
The Group is active in Italy and abroad on the various sales channels with its own brands and with PL projects in GDO, GDS, herbalists, pharmacies, parapharmacies and perfumeries.
The rationale for the investment envisages strong growth in the cosmetics segment and natural integration for internal lines to position itself as a reference player in the specific sector.


  • Sector: Production of plastic items for the PET market
  • Turnover: € 8 mln
  • Year of investment: 2022
  • Status: Portfolio
  • Web site:
GEORPLAST, founded in 1971 and based in Mezzago (MB), is specialized in the production of plastic articles by injection molding for the animal market. The company's flagship products are pet carriers, food bowls, litter boxes, mats, kennels, scoops and toys for animals. The company produces under brand name and p / l for the main retailers of the Italian market even if the real reference market is made up of foreign countries which make up 70% of its business volume. The company manages everything internally, from product conception, to mold construction, prototyping and production.
The rationale for the investment is based on the further international growth of the company and on the aggregation of other small companies to constitute a reference pole in the sector that is having very interesting growth rates in recent years.